Showcasing the creative output of faculty and students

   About This Site

Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) has provided broad-based and creativity-inspiring education for decades. All HKBU creativity-centered programmes are of international stature and have garnered considerable recognition from the local creative industry. In order to provide the public with a better understanding of HKBU’s creativity-centered programmes and creative talents (both faculty and students), the University Library works to make selected faculty productions and outstanding student productions viewable online, via this HKBU Heritage platform. Archiving and providing easy access to outstanding faculty and student productions can also support the teaching and learning activities of the HKBU community, as well as the whole scholarly world as a whole.

The academic departments that are currently collaborating with us include:

   Academy of Film
   Academy of Visual Arts
   Department of Communication Studies
   Department of Humanities and Creative Writing
   Department of Journalism
   Department of Music

All student productions were selected from the best outputs of both undergraduate and postgraduate students, covering a wide range of types, such as, movies, animations, video documentaries, music performances, art objects, etc. As these productions come in different formats, HKBU Heritage utilises various technologies to bring them onto the web. The ultimate goals of the use of these technologies are to show the most realistic images to the end users, and at the same time bring out the best potential of each work. These technologies include:

   360-degree interactive rotational images
   180-degree panoramic views
   Still images
   Video streaming, etc.

Starting small in 2009, this collection of student productions was built on our video-streaming platform, HKBUtube. As this collection has continued to grow, and its importance and usage are rapidly increasing, we decided to develop a new system for this collection and name it as HKBU Heritage. This whole website is designed based on the theme "長江後浪推前浪", hoping to highlight the importance of having contributions of both faculty and students in the learning process. To go with this theme, we are happy to have one of our students of Academy of Visual Arts (Ms Li Mei Yan, 2014 graduate) to design the logo for us.

We hope to make this platform an unique and all-rounded educational site, dedicated for scholars and students in the creative industry.

We hope that you will enjoy using this database.