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Chang Chaan Teng

Change in ordinary. Hong Kong office workers are all living beneath a ...
Li, Hoi Ying
2016-07 672


What is home to you? Is it a place that more and more young people can not ...
Song, Xiaran
2016-07 1046


What do you look like on social media may be a lot different from who you ...
Zhang, Yutong
2016-07 765


Hong Kong is an International city. There are many things that can ...
Yau, Ching Yi Jovis
2016-07 791

Jolly Cool-Beans

The Jolly Cool-Beans vending machine offers you an unique experience on ...
Law, Yiu Ting
2016-07 846


The project, Plankton, is a projection mapping work inspired by the highly ...
Chen, Sirui
2016-07 667


This project is based on the serious Hong Kong social issue, subdivided ...
Fong, Wing Yee
2016-07 911

The Song of Color

We listen to sound. We see color. Is there any connection between hearing ...
Au, Tsz Yan Zoe
2016-07 842


My work aims to help people retrieve happiness by recalling a simple, ...
Chuk, Mei Ling
2014-06 8692

Trans-Mortem ...

My mother died when I was 2 and I started to realize that all my memories ...
Chung, Mark
2014-06 2886

D Card

Clock-in is essential for many salarymen when they go to work. As they are ...
2013-07 1321


In the recent days where smartphones are so popular, everyone got addicted ...
2013-07 1696

Portraits of Heroic ...

Issues about humanities have intrigued me the most. After visiting some ...
Chen, Ka Li
2013-07 4524

Two Grandma

I like to capture the disappearing local cultures, themes relate to urban ...
Ma, Dicky
2013-07 3579


The metaphorical world cannot be penetrated by knowledge or text. It can ...
Hsu, Wai Lun
2012-07 1385

Equilibrium - ...

Human long for getting closer to one another in an adjacent distance, ...
Chong, Wai Isaac
2012-07 1553

Equilibrium No. 3 - ...

The body extensions which generate trace and symmetrical balance ...
Chong, Wai Isaac
2012-07 1166

Equilibrium No. 5

The touch which generates imprints by balancing bodies creates a dialogue ...
Chong, Wai Isaac
2012-07 1264

Reality and Self

The video consists of landscape, merging with the sound. In this video ...
Hui, Chi Shing
2011-07 1204