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A Brief History of Computer Animation
Computer animation has unquestionably been one of the most fashionable forms of popular culture since the first fully computer animated movie "Toy Story" produced by Pixar Animation Studio hit the cinema with historical box office success in 1995. Despite the overwhelming public worldwide acceptance, only few computer animated movies were released once a year initially owing to the time consuming production process and limited number of computer animation studios in the industry. But thanks to the quantum leap of computing horsepower and the rapid development of animation software, computer animation has now grown up to a thousand millions US dollars......
Dr. Kelvin LEE, Senior Lecturer, Academy of Film, HKBU

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Easier Tools Make Movies Easier?
People love movies. With the rapid development of technology, more people can make movies in easier ways than before. Besides the price-cut various HD video camcorders that are available in the market, mobile phones and SLR (single-lens reflex) cameras are the trend tools to record moving images as well. But we need to be aware that different tools have their own operational and image-forming features. Take mobile phones as an example. The advantage of mobile phones is that users can shoot anytime and anywhere they like. Its convenience encourages users to press the record button. But their lens with fixed focal length, super small ......
Mr. Joel LAM, Senior Lecturer, Academy of Film, HKBU. Also working as an independent film / video maker.

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HKBU Heritage : Student Production : Chang Chaan Teng

Chang Chaan Teng

Change in ordinary. Hong Kong office workers are all living beneath a ...
Li, Hoi Ying
2016-07 906

HKBU Heritage : Student Production : Home


What is home to you? Is it a place that more and more young people can not ...
Song, Xiaran
2016-07 1416

HKBU Heritage : Student Production : Identity


What do you look like on social media may be a lot different from who you ...
Zhang, Yutong
2016-07 960

HKBU Heritage : Student Production : Illusion


Hong Kong is an International city. There are many things that can ...
Yau, Ching Yi Jovis
2016-07 1025

HKBU Heritage : Student Production : Jolly Cool-Beans

Jolly Cool-Beans

The Jolly Cool-Beans vending machine offers you an unique experience on ...
Law, Yiu Ting
2016-07 1098

HKBU Heritage : Student Production : Plankton


The project, Plankton, is a projection mapping work inspired by the highly ...
Chen, Sirui
2016-07 882

HKBU Heritage : Student Production : Shelfland


This project is based on the serious Hong Kong social issue, subdivided ...
Fong, Wing Yee
2016-07 1139

HKBU Heritage : Student Production : The Song of Color

The Song of Color

We listen to sound. We see color. Is there any connection between hearing ...
Au, Tsz Yan Zoe
2016-07 1077