... Is Numbing

HKBU Heritage : Student Production : ... Is Numbing
HKBU Heritage : Student Production : ... Is Numbing


Wong, Mei Shan Mesa

2012         BA (Visual Arts)

6 min ; 6 min


Laugh and cry are human emotions that should not be restricted. However, these mental expressions are hindered by the social norm. It becomes a dilemma to Mesa to balance between her authentic self and the stressful living environment in HK. Once, she lost her emotion instincts. i.e. She was numbing.
The installation composes of two individual videos recording Mesa's crying and laughing scenes. These videos are installed face to face and the 6 minute videos are played repeatedly in a loop. The laughing and crying happen together create a contrastive impact to the audience, and this visual impact is not the only highlight of this installation. In addition, videos are dubbed with innocent babies' voice, this contrary further leads the audience to think – Do I want to express myself authentically?
     "Crying, laughing, are instincts.
     Being numbed is not my will."
Perhaps we can truly express ourselves when there is no Hong Kong people.

(The English text is provided by the student)

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