"Ink Dance at Historic Relics", Part 2 : My Poem

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Dr. Chak-kwong Daniel LAU


20 Min

Chinese ink


I have been teaching at the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University for many years, hence having incisive personal experience of working at this historic relic. My Poem (詩 - "寫我心曲") highlights some of my most memorable moments on the Kai Tak Campus:


      With morning devotion
      I begin my day on the verandah;
      Under the evening banyan trees
      I hear the cicadas whisper.

      As a hub of learning
      the painting studio flourishes;
      At the gallery
      the refined and the talented converge.

      (English Translation by Dr. Vaughan Mak, The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

In this part of my public performance of calligraphy, I transform the four lines in my poem into four separate yet interconnected works of calligraphy in a manner that the self-expressive elements in the brushwork, including the rhythm embodied in the brushstrokes and the spontaneous ink tonality, reinforce the lingering poetic lyricism.

(The English text is provided by the faculty)

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