Endless Isolation

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Ng, Sum Chi

2014         BA (Visual Arts)

200 x 400 cm, a set of 2 pieces
Resin, Rice paper, Ink and Acrylic


I still remember when I took the train in Germany; I sat near the driver. The woods that were surrounding the train are so silent. For me, it was the first time travelling through a forest. During the journey, I thought the forest should be full of life and vitality. However, what I felt was the silence and well-arranged trees.The first thought came to my mind was the destruction from wars. This kind of silence was full of grief and pain. I had the same feeling when I walked through an underground street in Japan. I connect of my death experience and the grief. Also, we can see how the souls buried and transformed in the flourish city. This is what history tries to tell us and how worthy it is.

(The text is provided by the student)


Tuna Prize Special Mention

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