Weaver and Weave

Weaver and Weave

Woven into the Hong Kong threads, my future was.

You were weaving with blurry presbyopic glasses,

with weaved back.

You would send me a weave, you said.

Before I began weaving my destiny,

in another territory.

You regarded a natural weave as unbridled life,

the flesh pink as weavers' blood.

Weaving my dream was your dream

that had never come true

that you were weaving.

Using flesh pink threads and natural weaves,

you wove a flesh pink sweater,

even though I wouldn't need this kind of weave

in such a hot basket city.

However, my weaver

what you were weaving

was a woven encumbrance to me

rather than a courage to weave.


2014         BA (CPW)

此作品的原創者 (教師或學生) 或相關學系已允許大學圖書館把作品發佈於此平台上。