Face to Face

Face to Face

We were sitting face to face

Inside a Japanese restaurant called Dai Mon Yokocho,

After wandering in the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui

Finding this never-visited restaurant

We finally sat down and ordered food


I didn't know the exact cm between us


The queue behind you outside seemed even closer to me than your face.


You ordered a hot udon so quickly

I knew you were looking at me doing the decision

I could imagine it


You have a beautiful face

But a pale facial expression likes sculpture

What would you do if I shouted at you?


I ordered a cold one after 3 min hesitation

You finished it so quickly

And I ate mine so clumsily and slowly

Obviously I was not enjoying it

So I left 1/3 udon and said “Finished.” without really looking at you


Then I looked at you

I saw you looking into my bowl


“The movie is nearly to begin. We have to go.”

Liu, Ming Yee

2014         BA (CPW)

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