I Remember

I remember

I remember the building on the foot of the hillside dressed in rainbow colors.

I remember the sliced pineapple in ice that I ate every time after athletic training.

I remember he used to buy me snacks every time he visited me.

I remember visiting every book exhibition and buying books that I never finished reading.

I remember my Hello Kitty ring that my mom forced me to give to the girl who went to study in Australia, And that she had promised me to buy me a new one.

I remember the yellow coat that was my kindergarten uniform.

I remember the bitter white bubbles on top of my father’s cup of beer to be my first taste of alcohol.

I remember the first ever Chinese New Year that I spent alone as the punishment for bad academic results in secondary school.

I remember ballet lessons.

I remember lucid dreams.

I remember drinking bubble milk tea in the café in front of the school gate.

I remember running on the streets of Hong Kong Island in a city hunt.

I remember watching the whole series of Card Captor Sakura before final examinations.

I remember baking banana cake in a wrong scale.

Yeung, Kam Shan Eros

2015         BA (CPW)

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