In the Darkness

In the Darkness

He was born from the blood,

his parent’s blood,

in an alley.

There was no one who

clapped for his birth.


He was raised by bats.

They fed him by fear,

and let him rely on it.

That’s why he had no fear anymore.


God, look at him!

He is no human.


His eyes are pearls without pupils.

They are crystal balls,

snow is all among them

covering everything in his world.


His ears are sharp

as some weapons

warning you at mid night.


Where is his mouth?

You can see the chin is bright,

without red lips.

Just like a pale vampire.


You can see no emotion

in his face.

It is dead.

He has no mercy.


You may hear the deep breath

even when it is almost silent.

And you may get hurt by his breath

since it is cold

as the wind waved by a sword.


His voice is husky,

as metal scratches on the glass.

He has no accent,

from anywhere.

He speaks his own English.


He is the shadow

in the darkness,

hiding as a ninja and

glossed by Nótt.

He is a black hole.

Light has no way to pass through him.


When he opens his wings,

moonlight is obstructed.

He catches preys by claws.


He is a monster

in the darkness.

And shouts to the man

who invaded his territory.


Cheung, Yoyo

2015         BA (CPW)

此作品的原創者 (教師或學生) 或相關學系已允許大學圖書館把作品發佈於此平台上。