Night Town

Yin, Linjing

2016         BSSc. - JOUR

14 Min


From 5pm to 5am at various intervals, Guiyang’s night market has all sorts of offers of signature dishes. Shaanxi Road is one of Guiyang's more well-known night market streets. Tourists are the major customers when these night markets just start to open but when citizens get off work, these stalls are filled with choices - grilled fish and sour spicy fish soup are filling choices for dinner. People often hear the debates of whether bean curd should be sweet or savory – a difference between northern and southern taste buds. Only that Guiyang tofu is spicy! Guiyang’s night market culture has been through many ups and downs over the past few years. One example is the First Street Guiyang Night Market at Hequn Street. Situated next to the city centre’s bustling highway, it has a multitude of choices to offer. The 2014 “Notice of the clearance of the Hequn Street Night Food Market” had specified that even non-food stalls have to discontinue. Now that Hequn Street has become a deserted area, many owners have left the business altogether. Markets that are able to survive have to go through intermittent suspensions. People are now starting to discuss the future of the night market culture ...

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