Chan, Kar Wing


14 Min


Do You Buy The KOLs?

The term KOL (Key Opinion Leader) means a leader who serves as a medium to disseminate messages to the audience and thus influencing them. Most of the KOLs are ordinary people who build up their popularity on social network platforms and then became social media celebrities. KOLs are rising with their increasing number of fans. Therefore, a lot of brands want to ride on this new trend and use their influence to gain profits. | Jerry Chan (陳國熙) is a KOL from the travelling sector. Around 60% of the content on his social network platform is his own sharing while 40% of them are advertisement. | Willy Lai (賴志偉) is the founder of “Adfocate” (a social network community platform for KOLs). He has studied the different affect between a KOL and a celebrity's advertising. | Ng Yuk Kok (吳若谷), Director for Marketing and Communication, thinks that the influence of KOLs is not limited to their fan base… | Scholar Chan Ka Wah (陳家華) has been studying the relationship between advertising and consumer behaviours. She points out that the current Internet technology can measure more accurately how KOL's advertisements influence consumers. | Stacey Lee (李澄怡) expresses her opinion towards KOL. | Dr. Jeffrey Hui (「凌羽一」) teaches a university course about KOL. He thinks that the way how some KOLs advertise is problematic...



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