Home through the lens of alternative storytellers

Tai, Chung Yee

2018         BSSC COMM - JOUR INTL

15 Min


Libra Sin, a married woman, talks about her concept of "home". She believes that a safe and happy home is important, and is necessary. The housing price in Hong Kong is so high the couple could not afford to buy their own apartment. They had been living their parents to lower costs and save expense. | Syed Qasid Ali immigrated to Hong Kong from Pakistan. Although rent is expensive, the living condition is unsatisfactory. He regrets coming to Hong Kong because the reality is too far from his expectation. | Lee Wai Wing used to live on the street for 20 years. He has difficulty getting used to the condition in public housing and misses the freedom to live on the street. | Many Hong Kong residents live in extremely small space. Tommy Fung, a photographer, created a series of surreal photos that reflect this kind of reality. He proposed to build living space on the sea since Hong Kong is a coastal city. | Ivan Chan, founder of Markbox, points out that Hong Kong is the first to build "container apartment". He hopes that "container apartments" could be made as safe and comfortable as an airport lounge. He also points out the biggest problem in building container apartments...


Asia Digital Journalism Student Award 2018: First Runner-up

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