Vision for the Blind: Guide Dog Service in Hong Kong

Wong, Chun Heng Henry

2018         BSSC COMM - JOUR INTL

14 Min


Joby Wong, a visually impaired person in Hong Kong, talks about why he sought help from guide dogs. | Edith Lee is a guide dog trainer. She explains how they select dogs and train them to become guide dogs. Guide dogs have to be trained properly to learn disciplines and obedience. Joby Wong and Edith Lee both told us the advantage of having guide dogs. | In 1975, Hong Kong introduced two guide dogs to help visually impaired people for the first time. However, the lack of training and follow-up services resulted in the accidental death of the guide dogs, which caused the service to stop. Since 2011, about 30 guide dogs began their services in Hong Kong. Three members from Hong Kong Blind Union share their concerns about using guide dogs. | Roy Kwong, a member of the Legislative Council, points out that a guide dog undergoing training is not allowed to enter a restaurant. He argues that guide dogs need more practice in real life, therefore there is a need to revise the law. | Edith Lee points out that the current law limits the training and development of guide dogs and she hopes that the government would revise it. Due to the lack of government funding, the limited number of guide dogs could not satisfy the demand. | The Hong Kong Seeing Eye Dog Services has launched public fundraising and petition activities to urge the government to find land for building guide dog breeding and training centers. | Roy Kwong said if he wanted to discuss animal rights in Legislative Council of Hong Kong, he is not even sure which specific committee to go to...

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