To Be Seen

Wong, Ka Hei (Cecilia)

2018         BSSC COMM - JOUR INTL

17 Min


23-year-old Wilson is a sex worker and a homosexual. He talks about his recent situation in sex work. | Chow Yiu-Fai, a scholar, believes that people should be honest when it comes to sexuality and desire. | Roland Cheung, one committee member of the CUHK Sex and Gender Concern Group, points out that many sex workers are from other Asian countries, even Russia. He gives a brief history of the development of Hong Kong sex workers. | Mabel is the director of Amnesty International Hong Kong. She explains the definition and scope of sex work. | Wilson does massage work for his customers; he often gets upset about sexual harassments from his customers. He believes that sex workers and their customers are equal. | Mabel asserts that although prostitution is not illegal, many laws could be used to prosecute sex workers. Sex workers are vulnerable in the face of laws, rendering them to be underprivileged when it comes to negotiation. | Wilson believes that every kind of job requires skill and time. | Chow Yiu-Fai states that sex workers who use their bodies and labors for money also contribute to the society; they are different from any other occupations. | Roland Cheung believes that LGBTQ groups are being marginalized. They also need their own sexual space. Homosexual men's have to suppress their sexual needs more than homosexual women. Mabel further points out that sex education in Hong Kong is restricted to biological information about sex organs, information about sex culture is being neglected...

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