Journey to the Top

Kwok, Sze Wing

2019         BSSC COMM - JOUR INTL

18 Min


Hong Kong athletes have made great achievements in recent years, driving many young people to become athletes. Although the number of athletes has increased, many still feel discouraged. Chang Chi Hin and Low Ho Tin are both fencing athletes, describing their training situation. Scholar Louie Hung Tak analyzes the reasons for the rise in the number of sports medals. Table tennis coach Hui Lai Ying shares the news in table tennis. Louie Hung Tak points out that the world's competition stage has become a business, with marked ability differences between athletes, thus losing sportsmanship or audience appeal. This has resulted in the loss of viewership, affecting revenue. Former footballer Lo Tak Kuen pointed out that the lack of security for Hong Kong football players has led to the stagnation of professional football development in Hong Kong. Volleyball player Chim Wing Lam talked about Yeung Sau Mei, who played professional league games in Thailand and gave up everything else in order to pursue her dream of volleyball. Former synchronized swimmer Pang Tsz Ching revealed that she had never wanted to be a full time athlete. Synchronized swimming is a team sport, and the results didn’t create any significant impact, and therefore difficult to obtain funding. She believes that synchronized swimming is still not ... Hui Lai Ying believes that exercise enables people to build up healthy values. Pang Tsz Ching feels that she can maintain a strong friendship with her teammates and learn how to communicate and cooperate with others. Louie Hung Tak also points out that in today's society, the trend of "studying for grades" prevails, overlooking individual values and cultural enrichment. Sports have a profound impact on body and mind ...

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