God in the Country

Xu, Mingyan

2019         BSSC COMM - JOUR INTL

18 Min


In the Tongliang District of Chongqing, Zhou Bangwen is a Christian who likes farming. Her children are not against her belief in God. She has practiced Christianity for more than two decades, and recalls the reasons for her commitment. Long Lunqiong is responsible for the management of Liangshui House Church, and after an accident she often feels unwell. She believes that she can only recover if she trusts God. During the Wenchuan earthquake, they all gave donations. Zhao Jichun is also a Christian. Zhou Bangwen discusses Zhao Jichun's past. Zhao Jichun already believed in God before her husband’s death. Her husband felt that she spends more time to go to church and had less time to do farm work, so he often abused her. Long Yunquan is a pastor of the Shiyu Church. He pointed out that Bible study enabled the church managers to learn the Bible. Through training, everyone here can understand what the Bible says. ... He also pointed out that Christianity was transmitted to China by Western missionaries, but the Chinese churches are unique. The Chinese government's religious principles are "three autonomies": self-autonomy, self-support, and self-preaching. They built churches, kitchens and yards independently, all without assistance from the government. He explained the reason why Christian women wear headscarves. Both Christian men and women believe that worshipping God will bring good health ...

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