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Chan, Tung Ching
Academy of Film

30 Min
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Delilah, a beer girl, frequently has sex with newly met males. One night, she meets Phil, a college student. Phil later confesses that he had witnessed her being raped, but he was too afraid to call the police. It shocks Delilah. Phil feels guilty and starts to take care of her. An intriguing relationship begins.


The 5th Global Chinese University Student Film and TV Festival 2007 [Best Short Dramatic Film Award] [Best Script Award]
The 14th International Film and Television Schools' Festival 'MEDIASCHOOL 2007', Poland [Finalist]
Kyoto International Student Video and Film Festival 2007, Japan [Finalist]
The 5th International Short Film Festival ‘In the Palace’, Bulgaria [Official Selection]
The 15th International ARTFILM Festival 2007, Solvak Republic [Offical Selection]
International VGIK Student Festival 2007, Russia [Offical Selection]


Delilah was an "indulgent" attempt made by a young director. The indulgence was projected onto the complicated personalities of the main character, Delilah. The director described Delilah as a multifaceted woman; her characters could change dramatically with smooth transitions. This way of presentation is quite rarely seen nowadays. The "burden" of Delilah is also controversial, but its presentation is not exaggerated. In the end, when Delilah treats a relationship seriously, she finds herself incapable and helpless. The director once again describes her emotional vulnerability in a unique way.

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Chan, Tung Ching. (2007). Delilah. Retrieved from HKBU Heritage:

Chan, Tung Ching. "Delilah". HKBU Heritage. HKBU Library, 2007. Web. 12 Dec. 2019.

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