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   The Shoes in Memories

Yip, Wing Chung
Department of Communication Studies

8 Min
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When she was young, Little Lamb would often wear her grandmother's shoes. Her grandmother taught her how to wear her own shoes, and walk her own path. One day, she overhears that her grandmother will have to leave soon. Hoping to make her stay, she hides her grandmother's shoes ...


Hong Kong ICT Awards 2009 [The Best Digital Entertainment Award]


This is a story about the strong bonding between a grandma and a granddaughter. Their connection is built and manifested during the grandma's shoes. This is a very common technique in storytelling to create empathy with the audience through the usage of a device. Emotions are first attached to the device, in this case, a pair of grandma's shoes during the initial setup stage of the story. In the resolution stage, the device is manifested to recollect audience's memories and escalate the emotion to the climax. The key in using this technique depends largely on how good the story context is developed revolving at this device unintentionally. It is all because of this implicitly setup that the recall of the device in the later stage could have the strong emotional impact.

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Yip, Wing Chung. (2009). The Shoes in Memories. Retrieved from HKBU Heritage:

Yip, Wing Chung. "The Shoes in Memories". HKBU Heritage. HKBU Library, 2009. Web. 06 Jul. 2020.

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