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Wong, Hoi Ning
Department of Journalism

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Difficulty in Organic Farming.

Organic farming is heavily promoted these days, and there are a number of organic farms in Hong Kong. These not only supply healthy farm produce but also provide us with a chance to get closer to nature. However, the interests of major property companies may threaten the development and survival of organic farming, as more land is turned over to residential and commercial use.


The topic of organic farming is not a new one. However, given the recent uncovering of several food safety problems, it is an appropriate time to revisit it. The video is composed of four case studies about the difficulties and obstacles encountered by organic farmers. The four interviewees are well-chosen in that they present different perspectives. The optimism and realism of the interviewees also enhance the impact of this video. The structure is clear enough, the flow of the piece is smooth, and the lines are well-written. This video also provides adequate opportunity for viewers to think about and digest the information presented. One shortcoming is that the video pays too much attention to the story of the young lady, at the expense of the older man. The student director did a good job in video-shooting and editing. All shots are rich and colourful. Perhaps the only criticism to be leveled is that the presentation of certain information was somewhat dull.

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Wong, Hoi Ning. (2011). 有機耕難. Retrieved from HKBU Heritage:

Wong, Hoi Ning. "有機耕難". HKBU Heritage. HKBU Library, 2011. Web. 16 Oct. 2019.

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