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   Urban Seabed

HKBU Heritage : Student Production : Urban Seabed
HKBU Heritage : Student Production : Urban Seabed
HKBU Heritage : Student Production : Urban Seabed


Wong, Ho Yi
Academy of Visual Arts
BA (Visual Arts)

430 x 90 x 300 cm
3126 View

LED bulbs, Curtain, Wood






'Seabed of Metropolis' is an installation that uses the abstraction of the ordinary into oceanic projection that encompasses mental space for subtleties, ambiguities and resonance. Its inspiration comes from my perceptive experience of noise in the city.

Merging field-recorded soundscape into my virtual imagination of perception, the body of art transcends traffic noise of the city into a marine scenario embraced by echoes of sea waves. It elevates the viewer to a mental clarity of distance - a meditative state where the viewer's perception of our city reorients. By doing so, it reveals underneath/underlying personal qualities of authenticity and free will, which I find very often, fade through time passing and overwhelming daily interactions. (a consequence of time/ through time)

'Seabed of Metropolis' suggests sublimity of mentality in an empirical sense which is also my artistic pursuit.

(The text is provided by the student)


AVA Award


Wong, Ho Yi. (2014). Urban Seabed. Retrieved from HKBU Heritage:

Wong, Ho Yi. "Urban Seabed". HKBU Heritage. HKBU Library, 2014. Web. 22 Sep. 2020.

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