On our planet, this blue planet was a mystery. Unlike us, they were human, having the same appearance with us, but we were the higher organisms with advanced technology and intelligence quotient. However, we were always interested in the lifestyle and the evolution of humans. The mission Captain and I needed to complete was to film the lives of the humans. This was the second time I came to the earth while for the captain it was not. He had been to the earth four times.


I couldn't get used to the environment of this planet. They still had seasons whereas my hometown always had a constant temperature. Especially the place we visited, Hong Kong. Sometimes it was hot, but suddenly cool after raining. It's unbearable that the temperature always changed. But Captain very much enjoyed such weather since he was smiling whilst I hated we still needed to film during the cloudy and foggy days, particularly at midnight.


We turned on the camera hidden in our clothes and started to film. The first place we went to was Temple street in Yau Ma Tei. Actually, Captain seemed quite interested in this place as he had filmed this place in the past, which he told me before. The space of the street was occupied by roadside food stalls and booths. Under the parasols, people sat by the road to dine. Steaming dishes was served quickly on the tables. The dark yellow light shined on their faces with laughing and talking which formed a “warm” atmosphere. I could see different emotions on their faces, happiness, sadness, anger and joy. On my planet, people smiled always but not because of happiness. We could control our emotions easily and we never felt angry or sorrow. I suddenly felt that I wanted to know the feeling of pain or sadness.


After passing by the food stalls, we could see that the booths were joined as a line in the middle of the street. To my surprise, they still sold socks, watches, flashlights and lots of strange things that we had already dumped a long time ago. We pretended to be two normal tourists, therefore, many stall owners tried to persuade us to buy their products. I distained to buy these products so I simply ignored the sellers. Oddly enough, Captain stopped and picked up a flashlight.


“How much is it?”

“30 dollars. If you buy two, you’ll get an extra one for free.”

“Come on, if you can lower the price. I’ll probably buy two of them.”

“Ok, ok, 25 dollars. It is my bottom line.”

“Let’s cut the crap, 23 dollars. It is enough for you to earn a profit.”

“Fine, you win! Just take it.”

“Thanks. I’ll buy four.”

Captain looked very satisfied with the “booty” and I was confused by his behavior.


“Captain, why did you choose Yau Ma Tei again? Headquarters said that we have to film something new,” I whispered.

“It’s a fabulous place and it never makes you bored. Just get over headquarters and enjoy it.”

“Don’t you think it’s pretty messy, noisy and unhygienic?”


“Messy, noisy and lively are its characteristics. Keep an open mind; don’t make any judgment before you have a better understanding of something.” Captain smiled and winked at me.


Along the Man Ming Lane, we came to another side of Temple Street. People sat around and listened to the nostalgic Cantonese songs. Honestly, their singing was quite poor and I couldn’t bear it. However, the singers still had many fans. After that, we saw rows of divining stalls with red tents, ranging from fortune- telling to tarot. Human always wanted to control their fate as their lives were filled with unknown changes. They were not advanced enough to determine their future.

“We are heading to the Yau Ma Tei Wholesale Fruit Market,” Captain said.

It was about 2 o'clock. Some prostitutes with black miniskirts walked on the Shanghai Street to trade their bodies. They came along and tried to ask us. But, we passed by them quickly so they gave up. I saw their red lips and started to feel uncomfortable.


“You feel strange and weird, right?” Captain suddenly asked me.

I nodded without replying.

“They just want to earn a living,” Captain whispered with a sigh.

We turned left at the traffic light in the middle of Shanghai Street. The stacked up fruit boxes lined up as queues. Under the iron roof, the topless labors were busy transporting the heavy fruit boxes to the trucks. The majority of them were young, less than 30 years old, golden haired silent. They seldom talked. The light shined on their face, I saw that drops of perspiration slipped from their cheeks.


“Well, we have collected enough information enough for today. Do you have any questions?”

“Um ......I don't know. I feel strange to these things.”

“But you feel attractive at the same time, right?”

“Maybe ......”

“It's because you belong to here. You know what, we were part of them long time ago. We were used to live this planet. Yau Ma Tei was where I born. I really miss here.”

“What are you talking about? We are NOT human. It's obvious that we are much advanced than them.”

“We are the white mice. The scientists have been doing an experiment on evolution since 1900s. They knew that humans might perish so they sent some people to a new planet with an environment similar to the earth. They created another “Earth”. In that planet, they tried to make the genes of humans to be more perfect. They eliminate the “bad” genes in the new generations. People are peaceful without anger, jealousy and hatred. We don't need to eat to but taking nutrition drugs. That's why we can be forever young. We don't need to worry about our life since everything is scheduled by the fate machine. I am 150 years old and I'm tired of being so perfect”. I miss the old days.”

“It's impossible! I won't believe you.” Actually, I was shocked as I never heard that before.

“Believe it or not, it's a fact, young boy.”


Captain didn't talk about that after that. I was silent afterward. I knew something had changed in my heart. After 5 days, we prepared to back to our planet. Tonight, Captain said that he wanted to go to Yau Ma Tei again because he insisted that he wanted to take one more shots about Temple street. However, 5 hours later, Captain still didn't come back. I was a bit nervous so I tried to call him.


“Captain, Captain, this is Olivier, please answer me.”

“......I......stay ......”

“Captain, Captain, I can't tack down your location.”

“Don't...... find......”

“Captain, can you receive my call? Please send back your location code.”

“......map ......”


Captain was missing! As the returning deadline was closer and closer, I decided to find Captain. Through the last time I located his position, I found the place – Yau Ma Tei. In order to dress up like a human, I took out the clothes that headquarters prepared for us. Unexpectedly, I saw a map, a hand-written map about Yau Ma Tei. That's weird as we didn't need a “map”' but the tracking device. I turned it over and saw some words:



Don't try to find me. I decided to stay on the earth until I die. I want to be a normal human. Please tell headquarters that I'm sorry about my dereliction of duty. And this map is for you, Olivier. I hope you will love this place one day and remember me.



Lee, Yu Kai

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