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   The Dark Tale

The Dark Tale

She had a tiny secret.

The secret would not kill anyone, would not harm anyone and would not let the government try to take her to experiment.

Her negative feelings would be eaten by a goblin which only she could see.

She did not know why she has this little guy; it appeared one day when she woke up.

But she did not want to know the reason; she simply allowed it to stay with her.

It was a black living creature; at least she thought it was alive, from its little eyes and smiling mouth staying behind her. It was not very big, just a small bubble, as small as a finger. Its eyes looked peaceful, gazed at her with happiness arid curiosity.

On the first day they met, she tried to touch this strange creature. She fondled it and it closed its funny eyes, just like a cat enjoying its master's massage.

It looked comfortable, but for her, she just felt kind of disgusted.

Soft, fully elastic and ice-cold.

She had the illusion that she was touching a living jelly.

She did not like this much, still she accepted it.

It grew bigger and bigger when she had some negative feelings, such as being bored, upset and annoyed./p>

She saw it sponged from the little sphere to a cylinder to a size as large as her.

Maybe she should feel lucky that it did not grow any more until it rose to about 1.8 meters tall.

This big cylindrical black jelly had only one facial expression, which was smiling. Its eyes and mouth always had a silly grin. But she did not care about it.

If other faced the same situation, he must be desperate to let this jelly disappear. But in her eyes, it was quite interesting.

Oh, she also named it "Mr. Bad Apple", just for her to remember it easily.

She was hoping to see a change in her little goblin a few days after; Mr. Bad Apple would have hands. Then she might teach it to play some games with her.

It was a clever idea, she believed, she would better try to find out whether it had a mind or not. If it had, she could just asked it to finish her homework.

"I liked you. Can I be ...?" A boy asked her to be his girlfriend.

He chose the time that she was going home as fast as she could in order to watch the TV drama.

Although she was a bit happy, she also felt annoyed.

Suddenly, Mr. Bad Apple approached.

It ate the boy.

Neither blood nor horrible scene, just like watching a humorous animation, Mr. Bad Apple opened its mouth to a ridiculously big size, and in next second, she could only see the boy's legs slowly slide into the mouth until the legs totally disappeared.

Mr. Bad Apple looked satisfied with its lunch could not think of a suitable word to describe it.

It seemed that Mr. Bad Apple evolved to the level that it would not only eat her emotions but also the fellow that made her feel negative.

Maybe she should be afraid, but in her mind it was only the TV drama she interested in the next hour. She then immediately forgot the poor guy and went back home as fast as she could.

When she went to sleep at night, she recalled the boy.

Where did he go? Did he die?

Her mind had some questions 'but she was very sleepy. Thus, she decided to ignore him.

The next morning.

She wore the school uniform and was putting the textbook into the school bag in her bedroom.

She actually could wake up 15 minutes later, but her mother did not allow her to not eat breakfast in the morning.

She ate very slowly, so she needed to wake up earlier.

This made her feel a bit dissatisfied, although she would sleep in the lessons.


What had she just felt? Dissatisfied with her mother?

Oh no.

She opened the door and went to the kitchen. In her mind, she kept telling herself to move faster. However, she was always too tired in the morning. She therefore walked to the kitchen in a very slow speed.

Mr. Bad Apple, again, was swallowing her mother. She saw her mother's legs simply slide into the funny big mouth.

It was too late.

She did not know much about the boy, so he was okay to be eaten. But when it turned to her mother, she must try hard to get her back.

“Open your mouth,” she commanded.

Mr. Bad Apple opened its mouth. She looked at it, trying to see if her mother was still there.

It was very dark in its mouth and she could see nothing but only pitch-black space.

"Can you spew my mother back?" she asked but this time, Mr. Bad Apple did not respond.

She got a kind of silent answer that it could not.

Maybe she could try to make it vomit by violence.

So she kicked Mr. Bad Apple hard with her whole power.

But still, nothing happened.

Mr. Bad Apple continued smiling as usual.

What should she do then?

She felt tired already.

Could she just give up the plan of saving her mother?

Actually, she might live well alone, without her mother.

She looked at the clock in the kitchen; it was time to leave.

If she went to school and felt bored for the lesson, would Mr. Bad Apple eat the teachers? She wondered.

Perhaps it would.

Then the school would have no teachers at all.


If she felt extremely dissatisfied for the world, would Mr. Bad Apple engulf the whole world? She thought of another question.

She then became the eradicator of the Earth.

It sounded interesting. She would be the last human.

Let’s try this.

She looked at Mr. Bad Apple and said, "I hate the world. Devour it."

Mr. Bad Apple thus opened its mouth and in the next moment, consumed her.

Perhaps the world was too large to be put into its mouth, she thought.

Wong, Shun
Department of Humanities and Creative Writing

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Wong, Shun. (2014). The Dark Tale. Retrieved from HKBU Heritage:

Wong, Shun. "The Dark Tale". HKBU Heritage. HKBU Library, 2014. Web. 07 Jul. 2020.

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