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   My Brother : An Imitation of André Breton’s Free Union

My Brother

– an imitation of André Breton’s Free Union

He whose eyes are the chestnuts in the dream of a squirrel

Whose cheek is the evening sky with glowing clouds and sunset

Whose nose is the bud of a white rose

Whose ear is a conch that delivers the tidal orchestra from the sea

Whose lips are the candy canes hidden in a Christmas sock

Whose fist is the bunny’s tail

Whose toes are grapes freshly picked in a basket

Whose wrist is a boomerang

Whose elbow is blown orange bubble gum

Whose eyebrows are the strokes drawn on the sand, drawn by a seagull with a branch in its mouth

Whose teeth are ceramic tiles in a new cottage

Whose voice is the cracking, burning woods in the stove in winter

Whose dream is the clownfish who dances with the sea anemone and swings with the waves of the ocean

Whose heart is a strawberry candy stuffed with mustard.


Wong, Wai Yi
Department of Humanities and Creative Writing

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Wong, Wai Yi . (2015). My Brother : An Imitation of André Breton’s Free Union. Retrieved from HKBU Heritage:

Wong, Wai Yi . "My Brother : An Imitation of André Breton’s Free Union". HKBU Heritage. HKBU Library, 2015. Web. 22 Jul. 2019.

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