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   Commute, Community, Communion

HKBU Heritage : Student Production : Commute, Community, Communion

Gutierrez, Joni
Academy of Film
PhD Communication (Film Studies)

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The everyday commute presents an opportunity to meditate on our shared lives, hopes and dreams.

Part of Joni Gutierrez' "Home for Now" Exhibition held from 1 June to 3 July 2016 at the Hong Kong Baptist University Library:

Artist's Statement:

Wandering around Hong Kong has become my path in connecting with its lifeworld - something that I cannot satisfactorily express in words. The photographic medium, however, with its dual affinities for the concrete and the indeterminate, offers a way for me to invoke this elusive sphere. The ensuing panoramic mosaic in this exhibition manifests an ongoing attempt at a creative conversation with the Hong Kong lifeworld.

(The English text is provided by the student)


Gutierrez, Joni. (2016). Commute, Community, Communion. Retrieved from HKBU Heritage:

Gutierrez, Joni. "Commute, Community, Communion". HKBU Heritage. HKBU Library, 2016. Web. 07 Jul. 2020.

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