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   Life-world Series

HKBU Heritage : Student Production : Life-world Series
HKBU Heritage : Student Production : Life-world Series


Gutierrez, Joni
Academy of Film
PhD Communication (Film Studies)

118 Min
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Composed of ten short film episodes shot in Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, mainland China, and the USA, Life-world Series (2017, 118 minutes) is a collection of cinematic meditations on everyday life.

1. Hong Kong: Study One (7:35, Hong Kong)

Visual and aural environment of Hong Kong taken from the continuum between the human masses to the non-living elements of the life-world.

2. Study Two: Young Filipino-Hongkongers (13:49, Hong Kong)

Portrays the subjectivities of young Filipino-Hongkongers in two parts; namely, direct cinema coverage and shots from interviews on their aspirations.

3. Study Three: Floating Notes (13:15, Japan)

Interplays simultaneous interjections of titles, still photographs and asynchronous sound - all drawn from empirical perceptual experience - to cinematically render the modern condition.

4. Study Four: Resilient Textures (20:15, Vietnam)

Contemplation on the shared patterns and textures between nature and spiritually inspired art.

5. Study Five: 雨 (Rain) (14:01, Hong Kong)

A cinematic meditation on rain, this piece poignantly follows the arrival, presence, departure and aftermath of a storm in the city. Inspired by Regen (Joris Ivens, 1929)

6. Study Six: Return Home (14:00, Indonesia & Hong Kong)

Quotidian travel footage interweaving with still shots outside the main route complicate the rational concept of final destination.

7. Study Seven: The Street (7:12, Hong Kong)

Simultaneously playing multiple screens highlight the cinematic medium's affinity with movement and – as seen in this panoramic mosaic form – the flow of life.

8. Study Eight: Intercity (12:16, Mainland China & USA)

Alternating shots taken from two cities thousands of miles apart and sequenced from the mundane to the transcendent invoke a trance-like unpacking of the essence of city life.

9. Study Nine: Yard Life (6:00, USA)

The wind, which is invisible but cinematic, invokes the animated life-world without having to show humans and animals - only their artefacts, which also 'breathe life'.

10. Study Ten: Under the Bridge (9:04, USA)

With an evocative piece by Beethoven in the background, this cinematic experience of meaningful formations in nature fosters insight on the ever-expansive life-world in which conceptual rationality is only one of the many elements.

(The English text is provided by the student)


Gutierrez, Joni. (2017). Life-world Series. Retrieved from HKBU Heritage:

Gutierrez, Joni. "Life-world Series". HKBU Heritage. HKBU Library, 2017. Web. 07 Jul. 2020.

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