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Cheng, Long Ching Jason
Department of Journalism

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Ng Pui Yi participates in a recycling program organized by her housing estate to trade newspapers and plastic bottles for household items. Due to low awareness of environmental issues in Hong Kong, a lot of plastics are contaminated and thus unrecyclable. Recycle business owner Lau Yiu Shing points out that the cost of cleaning contaminated plastics is very high and the industry is making little progress. As a result, the rate of plastics currently piling up at landfill is at record high. As plastics are petroleum byproducts, drastic dropping oil prices have rendered new plastic products very cheap to produce. Consequently, recycled plastics became costly and without a market. Although the government has set up a Recycle Foundation to support the recycle industry, Lau Yiu Shing and Advisory Committee member Yip Hing Kwok hold different opinions on how to utilize the fund. | The government is planning to start charging for municipal solid waste but scholar Dr. Chung Shan Shan has a different view. She believes that the programme is both deceptive and self-deceiving. A consultancy study conducted by the Environmental Protection Department has reported that a deposit-refund system will effectively lower the disposal rate of plastics. Only that the government has been overly cautious and thus no action so far. With 5 million plastic bottles going into the landfill each day, our garbage problem has become a burning issue. Will this problem be irreversible?


Cheng, Long Ching Jason. (2016). 阻膠回收的「緣由/原油」. Retrieved from HKBU Heritage:

Cheng, Long Ching Jason. "阻膠回收的「緣由/原油」". HKBU Heritage. HKBU Library, 2016. Web. 07 Dec. 2019.

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