Academy of Visual Arts (AVA) Award視覺藝術創作獎
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Academy of Visual Arts視覺藝術院  |  Bachelor學士  |  2019
Video installation, light, prism, Arduino, servo motor, acrylic board, brass錄像裝置, 光, 稜鏡, 控制器, 舵機, 亞加力膠板, 黃銅  |  00:09:0000:09:00  |  Installation裝置藝術  |  Artwork藝術作品

When there is light, everything is visible. I decompose the fundamental element in the visual world to let the invisible become visible.

It is a process deconstructing light‭.‬

I project a white source of light on a surface while using prism and some moving images to “deconstruct” it. “White” is not an independent colour. It is a mixture of colour in the visible spectrum that is composed of the primary colour red, green and blue.

Through refraction of light, I separated the white source with the three primary colours to rainbow light using a prism. After that, I took away green light from white light, leaving a mixture of red and blue light. Without green, the light source gradually reflects a new colour called magenta, hence the ‘rainbow’ becomes a ‘duo-coloured rainbow’. Eventually, I erased red from magenta. The line results in a pure blue colour. As blue is a primary coloured light that cannot be further decomposed by the prism, it appeared the ultimate light source in a monochromatic ‘rainbow’ colour.

(The text is provided by the student)




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MLA: HUI, Gi Wai Echo許芷瑋. "We Can’t See the Rainbow in the White在白裡我們看不見彩虹". HKBU Heritage. HKBU Library, 2019. Web. 31 Jan. 2023. <>.

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