Fresh Wave 2010 International Short Film Festival [Best Script, Open Division]鮮浪潮2010 - 國際短片展「公開組最佳劇本」
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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Master碩士  |  2010
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Xu lost his wife in the Sichuan earthquake, and he is planning to remarry. He finds it difficult to tell his daughter Shanshan, since she has not yet recovered from the death of her mother. When Shanshan knows this plan, she is so upset and leaves the town. Xu goes after her and... 四川擂鼓鎮板房區內,老徐在大地震中喪偶,想與孫阿姨結婚;女兒姍姍仍未能走出喪母的陰霾。續弦之事,老徐難於啟齒。姍姍在理髮店遇上孫阿姨。孫阿姨說溜了嘴,姍姍難過極了,乘公車離開擂鼓鎮。老徐駕摩托車尋找女兒。她在堰塞湖附近下車,憑弔一番。老徐趕至,發生交通意外......
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