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Department of Communication Studies傳播系  |  Bachelor學士  |  1997
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The Creator of Universe supplies energy to the Earth tirelessly, making lush forests grow and butterflies and fish thrive. But human beings are wasting huge amount of resources in fuel consumption, industrialization, and military expansion. The Creator is upset. What is the future of the Earth? How will the roles of humans and the Creator change? 大自然的創造者孜孜不倦地為地球供應能量,令綠林生長茂盛,蝴蝶魚兒繁衍生息。另一方面,人類努力不懈地創造能源,發展工業,利用軍力擴展地域。眼看人類的作為,快樂的創造者變得淚眼滿眶。最終地球變成甚麼模樣?創造者與人類的角色又轉變成怎樣?
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