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Department of Communication Studies傳播系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2009
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Commentary is made on a lack of basic decency in society. Characters are shown to have a callous disregard for their neighbors, caring only about their own selfish needs. A link is made between this type of behavior and the general negative impact of humanity on the environment. 一家人新入伙卻為鄰居帶來不便。男主人開鑿牆壁,發出嘈音,卻不理會他人的勸說。兩姊弟感到悶熱,將冷氣機胡亂地裝嵌牆上,致其穿過隔壁牆,嚇怕正在享受雪糕的小妹妹,被人登門投訴仍若無其事。女主人走在街上貪戀他人的衣裳,強行剝走。片段最後引伸地球資源不斷消失、瀕危動物受威脅,人類應保護環境。
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