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Department of Communication Studies傳播系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2010
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After the death of their parents, the elder sisters become migrant workers and earn a living as factory workers. The youngest brother has no choice but to live with his relatives. This little boy does not feel as if he belongs this city and the uncaring "family". Can he successfully control his own destiny? 父母早逝,親姐姐們都為生活而要到城市裡不同的工廠打工,小男孩唯有寄居親戚家。他不屬於這個紛紛擾擾的城市,也不屬於那個冷冷漠漠的「家」。因一巴掌,他決意要擺脫這個缺乏愛的環境及當民工的命運,不走父母及姊姊們的舊路,這是許多留守兒童的盼望。他能否成功呢?
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