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Department of Journalism新聞系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2011
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For those who have yet to find true love, speed dating may be considered as an alternative way to find a partner. But can people really get find the right person through such a brief introduction? Fate may still have a role to play. 如果認為傳統婚姻介紹所已過時,那極速約會Speed Dating為本土剩男剩女可算是另一選擇。不單可擴闊生活圈子,更可有機會撮合良緣。極速約會無異為不少未婚男女締造機會,但在限定時間不斷自我介紹,約會形式未必人人合適,高速交友如搭高鐵,單憑視覺接觸,安全與否,能否於45秒決定終身所屬,還看緣份天注定。
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