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“My Farm” is an organic farm restaurant on the rooftop of a factory in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong. We serve contemporary vegetable-centric cuisine using fresh local ingredients grown by our members, in believing that through eating food grown by your own hands, you will discover your passion for food. And by sharing this joy with family and friends, you will grow a stronger love for life. It is beyond food or leisure. It is good for your health, the community and the planet.

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「My Farm」是一間位於觀塘的天台有機農場餐廳。我們採用會員在這裡種植的新鮮食材,烹調最合時令,以蔬菜為主的健康菜式。我們相信,親手種植的食物不但美味, 還能給你帶來無限滿足感和分享的喜悅,更重要的是, 為你的健康、社區和地球帶來好的改變。


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