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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Bachelor學士  |  2015
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Ah Hin is a young social worker. He’s bright, energetic and has good relations with several homeless, for whom he brings lunchboxes to check in on them. But its hard to avoid to feeling of ineffectiveness. His college buddy has already burned out and left social work altogether. Then when changes come to his social work office, what will Ah Hin do? 阿軒是一名剛大學畢業的社工,負責服侍露宿者。剛做社工的他,滿有熱誠,經常到深水埗天橋底主動關心露宿者。一個冬天的早上,食環署突然聯同其他部門驅趕露宿者。阿軒其後發覺做社工有很多限制,大學好友亦放棄了做社工,再加上蛇哥突然因病逝世,對社會工作意興闌珊。幸好有大學老師及宗教信仰的支持下,令他明白莫忘初衷,重燃了對社工的熱誠。


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