The Commendation Award at the 2017 TVB Inter-Collegiate Documentary Competition.The Commendation Award (優異奬) at the 2017 TVB Inter-Collegiate Documentary Competition.
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Department of Journalism新聞系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2017
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Love Others like Loving Myself

Kam Hei Man (甘希文) is a transsexual who has always enjoyed the company of girls from childhood. His unusual behaviours caused him to be excluded from his peers. He thinks of himself as being born in the wrong sex. | Gender identity disorder means that a person cannot reconcile with his/her sex mentally and as a result, feels uncomfortable with that. No medical reasons can be found to explain this. However, those who suffer can go through a transgender surgery to change their original sex. This can alleviate their emotional sufferings. Dr. Yuen Wai Cheung (袁維昌), a surgeon, points out that many patients who decided to become a transsexual also need to face the opposition from their families. Hei Man told his parents that he wanted to go through a transsexual surgery. However, his parents reacted differently. After the surgery, Hei Man believed that she would stay alone for her whole life. However, she met her boyfriend "Kitty" (貓貓) in an online forum. He did not care about her transsexual identity. They love each other and are living together. In fact, her boyfriend also wanted to be a transsexual, which caused Kam disappointments. She knew how her parents felt at the moment she told them she wanted to be a transsexual. Lam Man On (林文安) also suffers from gender identity disorder. She is a member of "Gender Empowerment". They support those people who are in similar situations. She thought she needed to put in a lot of effort after the surgery to help others to get used to her new identity. | Hei Man accompanied her boyfriend to Thailand to do the transgender surgery. However, it was quite different from what she imagined after her boyfriend has finished the surgery...
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