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Academy of Visual Arts視覺藝術院  |  Master碩士  |  2014
Oil painting on canvas畫布  |  100 x 50, 40 x 50 cm100 x 50, 40 x 50 厘米  |  Drawing/Painting繪畫/油畫  |  Artwork藝術作品

Visual art therapy can be individually conducted without the presence of an art therapist. Self-awakening can be achieved by art creation. It not only enables the creator to have a deeper self understanding about the unconscious level but also have breakthrough by creative process. It includes the balance of emotions, cognitive enhancement and behavioral changes for achieving holistic health. The revelation of these five paintings is about the rules of life cycle. (1): When we have dreams and targets, we have to suffer pain and difficulties which are the opportunity cost. (2): If we want to have a change or breakthrough in life, we must keep patience. (3): Strong emotion bonded us when we lose freedom. To have freedom, it is like having wings that can bring us to a higher horizon, help us to look at the people and events from a wider angle instead of focusing on our own feelings. (4): The ecosystem is forever changing. Even when we have achieved our goals or an equilibrium state, it will not last for long. We have to let go and seek for a new direction or goal. (5): When facing difficulties or even death, only our dreams and goals can give us power to overcome the circumstances! Dreams and goals are the motivation needed in every stage of our lives.

(The text is provided by the student)
視覺藝術治療,是可以在沒有治療師在場之下,獨立完成的。參與藝術創作,可得到藝術所帶來的自我甦醒,除了對自己的潛意式加深了解外,還可以從創作的過程中,透過創意,找到突破!當中所帶來的,不單是情緒平衡、認知深化,還有是行為上的轉變,得到「全人健康」!這五幅畫的啟示,使人察驗「生命的循環定律」—— (一):只要有夢想和理想,我們就要承受痛苦,遇上困難。這是「代價」。(二):若求生命有轉變/突破,忍耐是必須的,這是生命的磨練。(三):當我們感到不自由的時候,總被強烈的情緒所綑綁。要「自由」,就像要有翅膀一樣,飛到高空,從更高更遠的角度去看身邊的人、事、物,不再集中在個人的情緒上偏執。(四):萬物環境皆在變,即使已達到理想,或說是一個平衡狀態,也會因此而改變。人要學習放手,同時也要尋求新的方向和目標。(五):在危難困境,甚至面對死亡,人只要有理想,就有能力「翻身」,戰勝遭遇!「理想與夢想」是生命每一個階段都需要的動力。


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