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Department of Journalism新聞系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2019
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Female Traveler in Hong Kong

Shan Rao is from Hangzhou. In order to attend concerts in Hong Kong, she works in nearby Shenzhen. She "climbs" over China’s firewall every day, bypassing censorship to browse social networking sites and to find places to go. Shan Rao went to the Green Wave Art Exhibition, where she saw things that she was unable to see in the mainland. In 2014, Shan Rao was still in high school in the mainland when Hong Kong people were fighting for universal suffrage to elect their Chief Executive. The “Umbrella Movement” changed her outlook. At a ground floor exhibition space on Tai Nan Street, Sham Shui Po, Shan Rao saw the works of photographers from all over the world. She is a lesbian, and seeing some of the photos incorporating the theme of homosexuality, she feels that the exhibits are more unfiltered. Green Wave Art has an "autonomous film area" program. A film is screened for free at the gallery, which is open to the public. Operator Chan Si Sum (Sammu) said that more than half of the films screened were banned from the mainland. The lease for Green Wave Art is about to expire, but Sammu will work independently and continue to curate. The works he has exhibited all have the intention of satirizing the political system. Sammu said that even if the space for free speech narrows, he will openly face the difficulties. Li Zhuoyue is from Wuhan and is studying towards a Master's degree in Law at the University of Hong Kong. From time to time, she finds different cultural activities to attend and notices Hong Kong's social events around politics. She points out that Hong Kong people and mainlanders have different ideas about political participation, and safety is the first concern for mainlanders. She went to the Chinese University to watch the documentary "We Have Boots", and heard the conversation between the founder and the defendant of the Occupy Central Committee. She feels that the university campuses in Hong Kong have allowed some mainland students to learn more about the information they could not previously access ...
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