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Last Folk Song

Mountain folk song is a kind of improvised creation of the Hakkas. They often sing them during agricultural activities. Folk songs are not only a kind of music but also a way to communicate. | Lau Fook Kiu has been singing folk songs for a few decades since she learned it from her aunt. Folk songs play an important part in her life stories. | Chang Kwok Hung spent more than 10 years doing research about Hakka folk songs. He discovered that his mother was half talking half singing at his maternal grandmother's funeral and realized that this custom exists in his own family. This inspired him to dig deep into researching folk songs . | Generally, it is believed that Hakka folk songs in Hong Kong originate from mainland China. Cheung found out that there are local Hakka folk songs in Hong Kong as well. For instance, the history of Kowloon mountain folk song which highlights a ‘long-short-long-short' lyrical pattern can be traced back to more than 100 years ago. The popularity of Hakka folk songs declined in the 1950s to 1960s but they were revived again during the 1980s to 1990s. | During a mountain folk song gathering, Lau Fook Kiu was reunited with her cousin Lau Shu Tin. Later, they began to perform folk songs in various places. Lau Shu Tin learned the mountain folk songs by himself 10 years ago. Other than singing, he also tried to adapt songs and has performed in many places. He also inspired a lot of people to learn folk songs from him and teaches in a unique way... | Chang feels that folk songs' musical and local style should be preserved. However, he also thinks that it is difficult for folk songs to survive...
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