2016 TVB 大專紀實短片比賽 - 優異獎2016 TVB 大專紀實短片比賽 - 優異獎
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Department of Journalism新聞系  |  Bachelor學士  |  2016
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Even though Ah Yee’s (pseudonym) son suffered from schizophrenia, he refused to see a doctor which caused his condition to get worse. Ah Yee eventually seek help from the Mental Health Integrated Community Center and felt relieved that her son was willing to receive treatment. | Peter (pseudonym)’s wife has been suffering from schizophrenia for many years. When Peter secretly mixed medication into his wife’s food and their son mistakenly ate it, he finally decided to allow his wife to be hospitalized. | Martha (pseudonym) started going to the Integrated Community Center because of her son’s psychotic problems. Martha was lucky enough to convince her son to give up his attempt to jump to death, all due to her training in crisis management. | When his brother suffered from psychosis, Law Siu (pseudonym) knew nothing about this illness and the relationship between the two brothers was very bad. Law Siu felt very guilty when a few years ago, his brother jumped to death. He decided to write a memoir about his brother and started learning about life coaching. | Law Siu, Ah Yee and Martha all have their stories to tell… 阿儀(化名)的兒子患上精神分裂症,諱疾忌醫,導致病情愈來愈嚴重。後來,阿儀往精神健康綜合社區中心求助。兒子終於肯接受治療,她感到欣慰。Peter(化名)的太太患了精神分裂症多年。Peter暗中把治療的藥水放在食物裡,……兒子誤服而入院,Peter才決斷地把太太強制送院。Martha(化名)為了患思覺失調的兒子,接觸綜合社區中心。有一次,兒子企圖跳樓,幸好她學過危機處理,終於說服兒子。許耀斌(Law少)的哥哥患思覺失調,Law少當時並不了解這種病,兩兄弟關係甚差。數年前,哥哥跳樓身亡,Law少很內疚。他寫書紀念哥哥,又投入生命敎育。Law少、阿儀、Peter和Martha吐露心聲……
APA: CHAN, Hoi Yi陳凱兒. (2016). 心病背後的天使心病背後的天使. Retrieved from HKBU Heritage: https://heritage.lib.hkbu.edu.hk/routes/view/ids/HER-011204
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CHAN, Hoi Yi