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Zhabu grows up in the Lugu Lake, which is a matriarchal society. He leaves his hometown for the conscription. After accomplishing his service, he returns home and makes a living as a coach driver and tour guide. His life is quite good, except that his family relationship bothers him. 摩梭族男子扎布在瀘沽湖邊出生和成長。地方政府招兵,他離開家鄉參軍去了,接觸外界新鮮的事物,並學會開車。隨著瀘沽湖旅遊業發展,扎布回到家鄉,加入運輸業行列,每天駕駛小巴接載來自各地的遊客,講解摩梭族的風土民情。在路途上,他偶爾會遇到意想不到的事情。摩梭族仍沿襲母系社會的生活模式,扎布和家人的感情若即若離。
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The Story in Lugu Lake
JIANG, Ziwei