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Drum master Lau Fuk Kwong, head of the Hong Kong Chiuchow Music Ensemble, talks about his history of performances. Not only is the drummer a main player of the Ensemble but also the group conductor with a leading role to play. | Lee Tong Yat was raised under strong Chiuchow musical influences and taught himself to play the two-string fiddle, a unique Chiuchow musical instrument. In order to attain a higher level, Tong Yat has decided to become an apprentice. | Fong Wah talks about how she became interested in Chiuchow music. She points out that Chiuchow operas are different from Cantonese ones in that Chiuchow operas have high pitches and that male and female singing styles are similar. In accordance with The Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage Convention, the government has compiled a list of intangible cultural heritage items. Although Chiuchou music is on the list, music enthusiasts like Fong Wah, Lee Tong Yat and Lau Fuk Kwong still worry that the heritage would be lost someday. According to the Leisure and Cultural Services Department website, the government has organized 23 Chinese opera promotional events over the past 3 years, however, Cantonese operas account for the most numbers... 鼓王劉福光是香港潮樂演奏團團長,敘說自己演出的經歷。樂團鼓手既是主奏,也是指揮,擔任領奏的角色。李統一自小受潮州戲曲薰陶,拉奏二弦,無師自通。二弦又稱「頭弦」,是潮州音樂中獨有的樂器。後來,他希望音樂造詣更上一層樓,決定拜師學藝。方樺講述自己參演潮州戲曲的緣由。她指出,潮州戲曲有別於粵劇,腔調很高,小生、花旦的唱法也差不多。政府按《保護非物質文化遺產公約》的規定,編製非物質文化遺產清單。潮州音樂雖然榜上有名,方樺、李統一和劉福光等潮樂發燒友仍然擔心失傳。康文署網頁檔案室顯示,過去三個行政年度,現屆政府舉辦了二十三個推廣中國戲曲的計劃,粵劇佔最多,潮劇則……
APA: LAM, Cheuk Chi林綽姿. (2016). 潮樂傳承潮樂傳承. Retrieved from HKBU Heritage: https://heritage.lib.hkbu.edu.hk/routes/view/ids/HER-011203
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LAM, Cheuk Chi