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Po Toi O fisherman Lau Yee Ching recalls his daily work life in the past. Scholar Lai Chi Pong points out that fishermen and seafarers who laboured by the Pearl River Delta region and near the Guangxi province were called the “dan” family. Before the sixties, the boats were their homes. Before Hong Kong opened its port, numerous fishermen inhabited the village in Po Toi O. These fishermen could be described as the indigenous people of Hong Kong, but because they did not own any land, the fishermen were disregarded. They did not have any documentation related to genealogy records or historical evidence. Lau Yee Ching talks about the decline in catches; Lai Chi Pong analyzes the reasons for the decline in fisheries. Tai O female fisherman Leung Tai Tai likes singing "Daffodil", a sea shanty, as she resonates with the song’s lyrics. Lai Chi Pong also pointed out that sea shanties were popular among the “dan” family that document the daily lives of the fishermen. At both weddings or funerals, the fishermen would sing these songs. The characteristics of the sea shanties were: variation according to trends, and a gentle melody. The function of the songs was to: emote, observe, socialize, and grieve. After the 1970s, the sea shanties gradually began to disappear... Chan Kai Pong is a descendant of the “dan” family. After learning about the content and meaning of the sea shanties, he became interested. He believes that the best way to preserve the songs is to incorporate new elements into them... 布袋澳漁民Lau Yee-ching憶述以往捕魚的生活。學者黎志邦(Lai chi-pong)指出,珠三角地區和廣西省附近捕魚為生的水上人,稱為「蜑家人」。六十年代以前,他們都以船為家。香港開埠前,已有相當多漁民聚居。他們可以說是香港的原居民,可惜他們沒有土地,因而不受重視。他們沒有族譜或根據點來記錄足跡或歷史。Lau Yee-ching講述漁獲減少的狀況;黎志邦分析漁業式微的原因。大澳女漁民Leung Tai-tai喜歡唱《水仙花》,這首鹹水歌的歌詞她很有共鳴。黎志邦又指出,鹹水歌是蜑家人流行的歌曲,記錄漁民生活的情況。他們在婚禮或喪事的場合就會唱嘆歌。鹹水歌的特徵:隨興變奏,曲調平緩。它的功能:興、觀、群和怨。七十年代以後,鹹水歌漸漸消失,原因是……。Chan Kai-pong是蜑家人後代,了解鹹水歌的內容和意義後,覺得愈來愈有趣味。他認為,它最好的保存方式是要注入新元素……
APA: LEE, Yan Kiu李恩翹. (2019). Hong Kong Fishermen's Ballads - A History in Songs -再咏漁生. Retrieved from HKBU Heritage: https://heritage.lib.hkbu.edu.hk/routes/view/ids/HER-011321
MLA: LEE, Yan Kiu李恩翹. "Hong Kong Fishermen's Ballads - A History in Songs -再咏漁生". HKBU Heritage. HKBU Library, 2019. Web. 14 Jul. 2024. <https://heritage.lib.hkbu.edu.hk/routes/view/ids/HER-011321>.

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Hong Kong Fishermen's Ballads - A History in Songs -
LEE, Yan Kiu
LAU, Yee Ching