Asia One Award for Chinese Arts (Honourable Mention)宏亞中國藝術獎 (榮譽提名)
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Academy of Visual Arts視覺藝術院  |  Bachelor學士  |  2016
Seals篆刻  |  60 x 30, 97 x 63 cm60 x 30, 97 x 63 厘米  |  Chinese Art中國藝術  |  Artwork藝術作品

Inspired by Lu Xun's (魯迅, 1881-1936) prose Three Summer Insects, my artwork takes a critical view of different types of people and attitudes towards life. Lu Xun portrays fleas, mosquitoes and flies respectively as personifications of real villains, hypocrites and initiators of evil— those who reveal their self-seeking and profit-making nature. Albeit Lu Xun's utterly negative perception on the ugly and evil reality of the world around us, I created "the fourth insect" - the contrastingly positive image of ants as the allegory of common people who work hard, pursue dreams and insist on contributing to the society even in adverse situations. Rendered in 4 big seals that comprise 3 lengthy original texts from Lu Xun's literary work on "3 summer insects" and one self-composed paragraph on "the 4th insect," my seal engraving attempts to portray various attitude towards life. The ambitiously big and compelling seal compositions with densely interwoven archaic Chinese characters in seal script tellingly reflect my unique interpretation of the strong sense of complexity in the dilemma between reality and ideal concerning the pursuit of human relation and people's attitude toward survival, fame and wealth. Additionally, the pictorial seals in this series further establish the delicacy of the human feelings in complex social lives.

(The text is provided by the student)
我的作品靈感來自於魯迅(1881-1936)的散文《夏三蟲》,通過批判性視角刻畫了不同類型的人們以及他們的人生態度。在《夏三蟲》中,魯迅通過擬人手法借跳蚤、蚊子和蒼蠅代表了真小人、偽君子和作俑者,揭露出這三種人自私自利、唯利是圖的共同本性。而我在作品中添加了「第四蟲」——螞蟻,一種積極的形象,代表了勤勞刻苦、逆境自強、身份卑微但亦為社會上有貢獻的普羅大眾。 根據對魯迅《夏三蟲》的理解,我所創作的印章,三方是跳蚤、蚊子和蒼蠅的原文,而第四方為添加的螞蟻,擬與三蟲作强烈對比。巨大的印章中,閑雅的小篆文字交織出密密麻麻的布局——這是我獨特的藝術處理手法——擬演繹人們在人際關系,追求生存、地位、名利中,所面臨錯綜複雜的現實和理想的兩難抉擇。再者,一系列圖象印章進一步刻畫出複雜社會生活中人性裡細膩的思想感情。


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