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Academy of Visual Arts視覺藝術院  |  Bachelor學士  |  2017
Oil on canvas油畫布  |  200 x 150, 40 x 60, 200 x 100 cm200 x 150, 40 x 60, 200 x 100 厘米  |  Drawing/Painting繪畫/油畫  |  Artwork藝術作品

The project is originally start to investigate the affection between me and my surroundings. And in other words, discovering those subject matters that interference us to see our real essence through my attitude.

My family addicted to collect furniture and being lazy and lack of knowledge to clean up the house, so that my home has pile of various objects. Messy home directly intervene in my daily life. Therefore, I always envy other people clean and tidy home, sometimes fantasy that I will live in a similar environment further after. However, more often, my fantasy would even mixed with the reality - due to the financial problems, can only imagine changing the decor in the original site, throwing the old device away and then buy some modern one. I think, to this point of view, I was with a sense of sameness.

Based on habits, time and action, people and the surrounding environment will constitute a mutual influence and the state of presentation. A bustling environment, the soil and thoughts of the cumbersome, then people are anti-object to dominate. So I am always very sensitive to the state of the home. At the same time I came into contact with the philosophy of "decluttering" - less is more. I started the idea of getting rid of objects, and I tried to throw the stuffs that I thought was super superfluous. However, habits can not easily change, the messy state will soon be reproduced. Sometimes I even think of the myth of West Sphinx. In fact, the question involves more causality and requires more in-depth thinking.

In the process, I have tired to involved in different media and concepts to explore the subjects and that is hard to explain in a word.

(The English text is provided by the student)


建基於習性、時間和行動力,人與週遭環境會構成相互影響及呈現的狀態。一個煩亂的環境會壤至思緒繁瑣,這時人就反被物件主宰。因此 我總是對家的狀態很敏感。同時間我接觸到「斷捨離」的哲思概念—擁有的愈多,得到的愈少。始牽引起扔掉物件的念頭,我多番努力收拾一切,把自認為多餘的物件扔走,但凌亂的狀態會在不久以後復現。我想起了推石頭的西緒弗斯。事實上,這時問題涉及更多因果關係,需要更深入地思考。



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