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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Master碩士  |  2008
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Chinese traditional drama reflects the reserved manner of Chinese people. The Western performing arts demonstrates the forthright manner of the Western culture. With love and sincerity, a Western lady wins the affection of a Chinese man. Through dancing, they break down their cultural and language barriers. 中國傳統戲劇反映一般中國人的性格:含蓄、保守等;西方表演藝術則表現了西方人的個性:直率、進取等。京劇武生有強烈的自我保護意識,抗拒與外人接觸。西方女生再三主動示好,他仍拒人於千里之外。女生的真誠,終於打動了武生。雙方交往,思想與文化的差異,誤會在所難免。他們最終都以真心打破了藩籬。
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Shall We Dance?
JIA, Nan
Shall We Dance?