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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Master碩士  |  2011
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This documentary talks about Wah, who terminated his study after Form 4. Under the influence of his friends, Wah took drugs and became a drug dealer and smuggled drugs from Mainland to Hong Kong. During the rehabilitation period, he gained lots of support from his family and social workers. He reforms and devotes to help teenagers. 此紀錄片記載子華的故事。子華中四輟學後投身社會工作,在娛樂場所認識了一群吸毒朋友。子華近墨者黑,漸漸由一位吸毒者變為毒品拆家,更在中港兩地偷運毒品。子華在懲教中心更生期間,得到家人及社工的關懷,把咒詛化為祝福,出獄後痛改前非,協助迷途青少年撥亂反正、步入正軌。
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Wanna Take 2
CHAN, Kam Lok