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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Master碩士  |  2012
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Interior designer Angel's latest project is the apartment she rented with her ex-boyfriend in the past. As she returns to inspect the unit – as familiar pieces of furniture are taken away one by one – memories begin to surface in her mind. She becomes anxious. Why is this apartment so disturbing to her? 室內設計師葉安琪接到新工作,替自住的業主設計房間。這間屋子曾租給她與前度男友居住的。安琪在屋子內視察,因而勾起太多回憶,以致她心神恍惚。這間屋子到底埋藏著安琪什麼往事,讓她那麼惴惴不安呢?
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CHEN, Shufan