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Over many decades, the Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) has been providing broad-based educational programmes to inspire creativity and innovation. With well-regarded international stature, our initiatives have garnered considerable recognition by the various associated industries. To allow the public a glimpse into HKBU’s world of lively programmes and creative talents (both faculty and students), the University Library brings together within HKBU Heritage an exciting online portfolio to showcase faculty and outstanding student productions. Apart from serving as an important archive, this platform also provides easy access to outstanding works to support the teaching and learning of the HKBU community, as well as the academia as a whole. 香港浸會大學多年來一直致力於提供廣博多元的課程,旨在啟發學生的創意思維,大學的各項課程也廣泛得到國際與本港各行業的專業認可。為使公眾對浸會大學各學科及相關人才 (教授團隊和學生)有較深入的了解,大學圖書館特地開發了網上平台HKBU Heritage,讓校外人士亦可瀏覽到精選的教師作品及優秀的學生作品。除了作為重要的檔案庫之外,這個平台也能夠切實地支援浸會大學,以至整個學術界的教學活動。

Only the best student productions are selected as recommended by their teachers. Covering a wide range of material types, these include movies, animations, video documentaries, music performances, art objects, creative text, and many more. To capture the “real flavours” of the original works, the Library makes every effort to showcase these works using the latest and most appropriate online technologies, including: 所有學生作品都經由各學系的老師精心挑選,涵蓋的素材種類繁多,包括電影、動畫、紀錄片、音樂演奏、藝術品、創意寫作等。為求忠於作品的原貎及風格,HKBU Heritage運用了多種網上技術,務求表達出每件作品的獨特性。技術種類包括:

Here are a few snapshots showing Library staff at work to transform faculty/students works into interactive rotational images and videos. 以下照片捕捉了圖書館同事們在製作互動式旋轉影像及影片的一些片段:


As the collections grows, we hope HKBU Heritage will allow you to draw inspirations from the many gems and jewels produced by our faculty and students! 網站的作品數量會持續增加,期望它們能帶給您靈感與樂趣。

For enquiries or recommendations, please contact Digital and Multimedia Services Section, Hong Kong Baptist University Library 如有任何疑問或意見,歡迎您透過以下途徑,聯絡香港浸會大學圖書館 數碼及多媒體服務組:

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