The 13th HK Independent Short Film and Video Awards 2008 [Silver Award (Open Category)], The 5th Global Chinese University Student Film and TV Festival 2007 [Best Documentary Award]第十三屆香港獨立短片及錄像比賽 2008「公開組銀獎」, 第五屆全球華語大學生影視獎 2007「最佳紀錄片獎」
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Academy of Film電影學院  |  Master碩士  |  2007
00:26:0000:26:00  |  Documentaries紀錄片

The director of this documentary, Wong Tze Ching, searches for other people who have the same name. He makes use of radio broadcast, newspapers, Yellow Pages, and the Internet. At last he gets in touch with a male teenager. People with the same name can have very different personalities and stories. 這段紀錄片是黃梓澄尋找在香港與他同名同姓的人。片中講述黃梓澄這個名字的由來。導演通過不同的媒體:電台、報章、黃頁和互聯網等,找到了一男一女。導演訪問小黃梓澄(男)及他的家人,始終沒法聯絡上另一位。同名同姓的人可以有著不相近的性格、不相似的命運和不相同的成長經歷。他們各自拍攝自己的故事,還展開一場籃球比賽。
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